2020 Census – Online or Phone Options Available!

Census 2020 – If You’ve Responded, Thank You! If Not, Please Consider the Online or Phone Options
Census 2020 cartoonThe 2020 U.S. Census process is well underway.  You have likely received your package in the mail by now, or if you haven’t, it should arrive soon.

But in any event, if you haven’t already, you should be in the process of completing this civic duty (it really does help our area if we all fill out the information being asked for, in terms of potential funding that would benefit Ulster County, Shandaken, and therefore, directly or indirectly, you and your family).

You needn’t wait until your form arrives.  At this site — https://go.usa.gov/xdK8m — you can respond by phone or in a quick online session.  (Many seem to agree that the online option is quick and that it’s a wise and safe option, given the COVID pandemic.)  People who have used the web to provide their information have been generally impressed with how easy it is.  See this Nextdoor.com page for some examples of how your neighbors are reacting (and helping one another out).

Finally, the door-to-door aspects of the census operation seem to have been suspended until at least April 15.  This makes it more important than in previous census takings, for you to take advantage of the ease of responding online if you can, or by phone.