Collectors Notice Of Tax Warrant & Receipt of Tax Roll


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that I, Joyce A. Grant, the undersigned Collector of Taxes of the Town of Shandaken, County of Ulster and State of New York, have duly received the tax roll and warrant for the collection of taxes within the Town of Shandaken for the year 2022, and that due to COVID-19 concerns, tax payments will not be accepted at the Town Hall until further notice. Taxes will be accepted through the mail. Check or Money Order, or online through our website

TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, taxes may be paid on or before January 31, 2022, without charge or interest.  On such taxes remaining unpaid after January 31, 2022, the following fees will be charged:


March————————————– 2%

April —————————————–3%


INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS: the first installment (½ of tax) can be paid during the interest free period through January 31, 2022, without any interest, or it can be paid any time until the expiration of the Collector’s Warrant, subject to the fee schedule above.  The balance of the (second ½ payment) can be paid any time until the expiration of the Collector’s Warrant, also subject to the fee schedule above.

TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, that pursuant to the provisions of law the tax roll of the Town of Shandaken and all unpaid taxes will be returned to the Ulster County Department of Finance, P O Box 1800, Kingston, New York, on the 1st day of June 2022.

TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, that if your tax payments are to be made through an escrow mortgage account or by your bank, our office will forward your tax bill to your mortgage company or bank for payment.

TAKE FURTHER NOTICE,  Tax receipts will be available on our website after we receive your payment, or we can email you a receipt.

TAKE FURTHER NOTICE: Taxes can be paid on our website:  at an additional bank processing fee of 2.65% by MC/VISA & Discover Cards.

Joyce Grant  – Town Clerk – Tax Collector